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Fred Weasley
Once Upon A Time...
Taken - 8/10/02 
10th-Aug-2007 10:31 am
"I don't know about this, Fred," Gabrielle says hesitantly, her deep blue eyes capturing mine as she stands in front of me, her teeth worrying on her bottom lip.

"You didn't Firecall me last night. I think you owe me, Gabs," I wink while leaning further into the fire and wishing I could just fall through the flames. If I did, I know I would gather her into my arms and hold her close for hours on end. Smiling, I continue, "Besides, you told me earlier your Mum is not around and you are my wife. I think I'm allowed to see you naked."

This is the first time we've slept apart since December and I miss her desperately. But I know deep down inside that I made the right decision when I encouraged Gabrielle to go with her mother rather than being in Paris with me. Her mother seemed to be extremely happy with Gabrielle accompanying her when she traveled to Milan and judging from Gabs' smile, she is happy to be there.

"But I missed you terribly, Fred and I promise I won't miss another call again. Mere and I just stayed out really late," she counters with a slight smile. "But I did call you tonight."

I glance around her room and I'm amazed by the sheer size of it. It's as big as our flat over Zonko's and I realize again just what kind of wealth Gabrielle is used to in her life.

But I must press on, so putting on my best pout, I purse my bottom lip while countering, "You did call tonight but I still think you owe me for last night's slight. I waited up until two a.m."

"Can you wait until we get home? We'll be together in two days and I promise I'll make it worth your while," Gabrielle pleads softly but she steps closer to the fire.

"It's up to you, love but I'm alone here and I'm oh so horny," I grin. Swinging my head from left to right, I say, "Please, Gabrielle. Besides, I'm sure you could use it too."

After a moment Gabrielle picks up her wand and casts a spell at the door. I grin as she returns to the fireplace and pulls a chair over. She stands with her knee bent, the seduction in her eyes smoldering in the firelight before she begins to unbutton her gown. She pushes the gown of her shoulders, letting the smooth material slide down her body until she stands naked before me. She sits in the chair, so damn close to the fire that I want to reach out and touch her before she says, "What do you want now?"

I gulp deeply as I feel my erection begin to tent in my boxers. Dropping to my knees, I feel the rough brick scrape my skin while I say, "Open your legs, Gabs, so I can see. That's it, love. Now, take two of your fingers and put them in your cunt."

She obeys my commands, dropping her hand immediately between her thighs and I hear her gasp. Gabrielle throws her head back, her blonde hair curtaining behind her while she touches herself. Her tongue slides between her teeth while she moans, "Goddess, is this what you want?"

I watch her fingers move rhythmically in and out of her body as I feel my cock push out the front of my boxers. My hand reaches reflexively and I pass it over the smooth skin, trying hard not to let myself become too excited. I brace my other hand against the fireplace while I tilt my head forward again and say, "Yes, that's it, love. Now, run your thumb over your clit. Are you wet for me, Gabs?"

"Yes, so wet, Fred," she answers while her thumb grazes over her nub, eliciting a small groan.

My hand begins to move more rapidly on my hardness, the tenuous self-control I have disappearing quickly as I stare at my beautiful, wanton, perfect wife. Her legs spread even further and I watch in fascination as she pushes herself to the edge before I encourage, "Look at me, Gabs. Do you see how excited I am? God, the second you were naked, I started to wank…couldn't help myself."

My running dialogue seems to send Gabs spiraling and I watch her thighs quiver before she whimpers, "I'm getting so close."

"Work those fingers inside you. Now you can start to scissor them apart, love," My eyes roam over her and I watch a sheen of perspiration begin to cover her body. Her thumb moves more rapidly against her clit and I hear her breath begin to hitch before I urge, "You're beautiful, Gabs. Merlin, I know you're close. But I wish it was my cock inside you instead of your fingers."

"Me too, Fred," she gasps as she brings her head down and I see the swell of passion in her azure eyes. Her hips roll forward while she adds, "Tell me,..tell me what to do now."

"Add a third finger inside that beautiful cunt of yours and imagine it's my cock inside of you," I command softly.

I squeeze my erection harder, looking at Gabrielle intently until I see her shiver softly, listen to the sound of her fingers plunging into the place I most want to be right now. My mind opens and I can almost taste her skin, smell her excitement…and I know that I never want to be apart from her again.

My mind is wrenched back to the present and when I hear her sigh softly, I bring my eyes to her again just in time to watch her tumble over the edge. A drawn out tremor devours her and I see her twist her thumb harshly over her clitoris before she cries out, "Fred, I love you."

I clench my fingers over my erection at a more rapid pace, feeling my own impending release but I don't care about my own needs as Gabrielle begins to slump in the chair, her body still shuddering slightly. Her eyes snap open and the lust there sends me soaring as I imagine her cunt gripping me tightly while I moan, 'You're so perfect, Gabs."

Our erratic breathing is the only sound in the room for several moments until I hear Gabrielle ask, "Can I watch you now, Fred?"

"It's too late for that…sorry, love," I reply sheepishly while I reach behind me and try to find a pair of shorts in my suddenly cold room.

"Maybe tomorrow then?" Gabrielle smiles wickedly while she moves closer to the fire.

"Only if you tell me a dirty story," I respond while pulling on my shorts.

"All my dirty stories involve you," she answers as she leans into the fire.

We are so close now as we both peer into the blaze that for a moment I think if I turn toward her, I can kiss her, taste her lips. But I realize that no matter what I want, it's just not going to happen and instead I say, "I always want it to be that way but I think we'd better say good night before your mere sneaks up behind you."

"She wouldn't be happy with us in this state," Gabrielle laughs.

"I know and all the goodwill I've built up with her will disappear just like that," I respond while I try to find the shirt I flung off earlier.

"I love you, Fred," she grins. She stares at me quietly before she adds, "I miss you so badly…I don't want to be without you again."

"I know…it hurts, love," I reply. She smiles wanly before I continue, "I can't wait to see you in a few days. I'm leaving as soon as my last meeting is done at noon."

"Goddess, I'm going to make love to you all night long when we're together again," Gabrielle exclaims excitedly. A noise sounds from behind her and she says quickly, "Mere is home, Fred. I have to get some clothes on. Good night and I love you."

"Good night…I love you too," I answer while I watch her dart out of the fire after she blows a kiss at me.

I tumble out of the fire, a smile plastered to my face. We've been together for a year now and I love her more every single day. I'm so glad she's enjoying time with her mother but I need her back with me soon and I can't wait until we see each other again.

"She has a beautiful face," a voice behind me sounds and I turn quickly. Shock crosses my features as I see a blonde haired man leaning lazily against my hotel bedroom's door jamb, spinning his wand.

"How the fuck did you get in here?" I say with alarm.

"I bribed the desk clerk," he answers calmly.

"Then why are you here?" I ask while gauging how long it would take me to grab my wand off the mantelpiece.

"I have been ordered to take you to see my employer. They are anxious to meet you," he responds and motions behind him.

Two more men walk into the room and I glance at each of them while I inquire, "Who is this most gracious employer and why do they want to meet me?"

"That would ruin the surprise," he grins. He stands erect while he looks at the two men with him and says, "Mathias and Serge, I believe it's time for you to gather our guest. It's been a joy speaking with you, Fred Weasley."

I step back as Mathias approaches me, drawing his wand. His bald head shines in the candlelight and I stare at his hulking form before I spin quickly and grab my own wand.

"Stupefy," I cry out while dropping to the floor quickly. A purple ribbon fires out of my wand at Mathias but he darts to the side and my spell misses him. But I hear a loud groan behind him and I see Serge crumple to the floor and I realize my spell has at least found a target.

"Crucio," Mathias growls and a pale blue light snakes out at me. I duck behind a chair and hear the spell splash against the floor behind me.

Kicking my legs out, I send the chair flying at Mathias and he groans when it hits his stomach. He drops to a knee and I rush him quickly, slamming my body into his and I hear a gratifying crunch as my elbow hits his nose.

Mathias yelps and I'm just about to hit him again when I feel something blunt crash against my skull. A blinding white light fills my vision before I slump forward, teetering on the edge of unconsciousness.

I turn my head groggily and in the darkening haze taking over my senses, I see the blonde man standing with the fire poker in his hand. I try to stand but I can't, so instead I fall forward, my head crashing into the floor.

"I think that I will ask my employer if I can have the beautiful blonde in the fire, Mr. Weasley. I wish I had come in before the end of your conversation to see more of her. But I saw her face and I know you are a lucky man," he smiles while he crouches in front of me.

I try to push myself up again but the darkness overcomes me and my last thought is that I don't think I'll be home in time to see Gabrielle.
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